Our Adventures

trailer in campsiteOur converted travel trailer.

Our adventures in our converted 6' x 12' trailer have taken us to many wonderful and fun places! We have experienced so many neat opportunities and learned a few things on the way!  Because of the size of our camper, we have been very lucky to be able to fit into most campsites fairly easily, even those designated as tent sites. We have all we need and have been on many camping adventures together in this camper.  

The size of your rig needs to be a consideration when searching for a campsite.  When making reservations to stay at a campground, the site info will usually indicate what size rig will fit in that particular campsite.  There are always reviews that you can check out of experiences people have had at the campground you are interested in.  Some sites may be a great size, but there may be a tree or other brush in the way so you may have a problem backing your rig into that site.  Things like that you have to consider!

The furthest we have gone with our camper, so far, is Florida!   We have been able to boondock easily after driving for many hours to a halfway point.  There are many places that will let you pull in and overnight.  On long trips, you can usually park at a Walmart or Cracker Barrel.  There are other opportunities such as harvest hosts if you just need an overnight stay. 

There is a phone app called RV Parky that you can use to find out where you can overnight on your travels.  Just put in your location and it will map out places you can stay.  You may want to plan accordingly when you are calculating your trip and stops.  Check the specific Walmart and Cracker Barrel locations that you are considering to make sure it is OK to park overnight.  RV Parky also has reviews of specific places that other campers have experienced.  They are always a good idea to read. 

After a good night's rest, we are able to continue on our journey to our destination.  I share many of our camping adventures in RV Travel Boomers blogs.  Hope it gives you some ideas to try and places to visit!

Oh the Places we have gone! The adventures we have experienced!

Our adventures have given us so many interesting critter experiences.  From iguanas, gators, armadillos and cute little deer in Florida to black bears in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, to the wild ponies at the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and to the huge bison in Kentucky!  Each location has had some unique experiences and very amazing wildlife!  I love seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat. I am an animal lover!  Seeing these amazing critters has always been my favorite part of our camping adventures in so many different places.  Enjoy!!

Iguanas in FloridaIguanas running wild in Key Largo, FL. Our campsite!
mama bear in treeMama bear in tree with cubs a few branches above her in Tennessee
key deerCute little Key Deer at the Florida Keys
bisonBison outside our car window at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
wild ponyWild pony on Assateague Island, Maryland
campsite Piney Campground Tennessee and geeseOur site at Piney Campground in Land Between the Lakes Tennessee with some feathered friends
Squirrel on backHe decided to jump on me as we were leaving Salt Springs Campground in Florida. Took me by surprise!