Campgrounds in Alabama

Alabama has many opportunities for interesting adventures! There is a lot of history, especially in the City of Montgomery.  This is where the Civil Rights Movement truly began in 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to get in the back of the bus. 

Sign in front of Rosa Parks MuseumSign in front of Rosa Parks Museum which is located on the site of Rosa Park's arrest for refusing to get in the back of the bus.
Rosa Parks statueStatue of Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus.

The Rosa Parks Museum is amazing and shows the events that led to the arrest of Rosa Parks.  I always had a lot of respect for what she did.  After visiting this historic place, I am awed at all the individuals that took part in the Civil Rights Movement.  The City of Montgomery preserves that history for all to learn.

Edmund Pettus BridgeEdmund Pettus Bridge, site of "Bloody Sunday"
Selma signSign entering the City of Selma

Another historical place, Selma, Alabama, where Rev Martin Luther King, Jr., led a peaceful march along the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Sadly the once peaceful march was cut off by such violence.  This day is now called Bloody Sunday!   The bridge still stands and you can still walk across it. Groups of individuals like to cross this historical bridge following the path of those who took a stand for Civil Rights!

We will visit this beautiful state again.  As we go on our adventures, we will include them in!!

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