About Marie G

overlooking the James River in VirginiaMarie G at Chippokes Plantation overlooking the James River in Virginia

About Me   

I got into this camping experience back in the early 1990's when my family traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stayed at my aunt's travel trailer that she kept at the campground.  I loved it so much that when we came back home, we decided to buy a used older pop-up camper that you had to manually open by pushing up the sides to set it up. I was younger then so it was OK.  It was in decent condition and we did visit some interesting places in that camper.  The camper was fine for us at the time while my children were young.  As our life changed and they grew up, we didn't use the camper any longer so we gave it away. 

We moved from New York to Virginia in 1998 because of my work, and, in 1999, when my son joined a local boy scout troop, I got back into camping again.  The troop was very active and camped often.  I bought myself a tent and on our adventures we went!  It was a great experience for me and my son!  We were new to the area and it gave us a great opportunity to meet some new friends and share some interesting experiences.

After my son graduated and went off to college, I became an empty nester.  My daughter was already away at school and I got away from my outdoor camping adventures.  Fast forward several years later, I retired from my full time job working for the Federal government, started working for our local YMCA, and had the flexibility to travel again. 

I always had that adventurous spirit, but didn't have the opportunity to camp until I met my significant other in 2018.  He had converted a utility trailer into an RV and off we went enjoying the outdoors and the camping lifestyle.

We have explored many interesting places in the Southeast.  Our dream is to possibly do the full time RV thing.  I think it suits us both!  One thing on our bucket list is to travel the country in an RV and explore the many natural wonders as well as our National Parks across the USA and Canada--places we have never been to! 

Goal of RV Travel Boomers Blog

This blog gives me an opportunity to share the experiences of our travels with individuals who may be interested in camping and/or seeing different places in a unique and fun way.  Many Boomers are retired or want to add some adventure to their lives, hit those bucket list items, and see our beautiful natural resources up close and personal.  This is our way to do just that!