Stay Healthy While Camping

Marie with bike in front of signBiking in High Bridge a Virginia state park

A fun way to exercise and stay healthy, is riding bikes!  One of the best things about visiting different state parks and campgrounds, is that there are usually nice biking and hiking trails.

We have also found that there are some really nice municipal parks in the town that the campground is located in that have bike paths.  You can get a different experience and explore the parks in the local area.  This is a fun way to see the neat little towns that are nearby!

Another thing we like to do is ride our bikes around the campground we are visiting to get an idea of the layout.  The roads are usually pretty decent to ride within the campground and we have also been able to ride down to the waterfront. This gives us a great opportunity to see the other campsites and see what facilities they have available.  Sometimes we rank the sites from 1 to 5--5 being amazing--so we know what to expect if we ever decide to visit that particular park again. 

Riding on the bike trail gave us a wonderful surprise!

armadillo in woodsArmadillo looking for juicy bugs

You never know what you will find on the trail! We love our E-bikes and have biked around some interesting places. This helps us stay healthy and get some exercise. 

For example, imagine being on a trail and seeing an armadillo poking in the dirt to find his next meal!  I just love watching nature at its best in unique settings!!  This picture was taken in Florida.  We don't see armadillos in Virginia in the wild!  That is what is so amazing about the RV lifestyle! Armadillos are common in Florida and they don't seem to be afraid of humans.  We have had a couple come into our campsite.  Day or night, it doesn't matter!

Stay healthy on the water

kayaking on waterKayaking on the river

Most of the places we visit are on a body of water.  So we also enjoy kayaking for exercise.  If the weather is good, this is another excellent way to enjoy the outdoors.  Most campgrounds that are on a body of water, have a boat or kayak launch.  There is usually a parking lot where you can leave your car that has easy access to the water.   We sometimes bring our fishing poles and enjoy! 

If you do go fishing, you need to see what the rules are as far as having a fishing license.  In Florida, for example, you can buy a temporary license for a short period of time.  This is worth it if you want to go fishing.  Of course, in Florida, you would need a salt water license or fresh water license depending on where you want to fish.  They also have combo licenses.  Again, just research the information particular to that state you are visiting to see what they require for fishing in their waterways.