Camping Tips 

Camping tips that we have learned on the way during our amazing adventures will, hopefully, give you some things to think about when you experience your camping adventures. 

When our trailer was first converted, the necessities that were included in the build were hot water heater, sink, refrigerator, propane stove, bed, storage shelves, water jugs, electricity, television, etc.  We have made improvements from those experiences to enhance our camping adventures. Some of those camping tips will be discussed on this page.

Great Camping Tips and Tricks

One example of an improvement that we have embraced is our microwave 3 in 1 (microwave, convection, toaster oven).  This has been a great convenience for us.  We can microwave our food, make toast, as well as bake muffins!  Can't beat that!  The model we have is similar to this picture.  It is the size of a microwave, but can do a lot more!  The real benefit of using this convection oven is that you don't have to bring an extra microwave or toaster or toaster oven!  It is compact and doesn't take up a whole lot of space.  This was a great investment and fits very nicely on our shelf!

We have also installed a motion powered light and mount on the outside of the camper to the left of the door.  The motion powered light is helpful when you have been out and about exploring or going to the bathhouse at night when it is dark.  There are no street lights at a campground so having a motion powered light is definitely beneficial.  The light allows you to see well enough to unlock your door on the camper.  As we get older, the eyes just don't seem to work as well as they used to! :)  One thing, don't forget to take it down when you are traveling.  Our light gets mounted on the trailer when we get to our site.  It is battery powered so we have to disable it by taking out a battery when it is not in the mount. We have lost our light on the road when we forgot to remove it from the mount! Just another helpful camping tip!

campsiteCampsite at First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA

Another camping tip we have incorporated is using a tarp as an awning.  Our converted trailer does not have an awning.  We put hooks at the roof edge of the trailer so we could connect a tarp.  We have poles and stakes to pull out the tarp so it gives us cover during a rainy day and shade during a sunny day. 

We found that if it was a little windy, the poles couldn't hold the tarp up very well even with the leads secured in the ground.  We decided to get some PVC pipes (as shown in blue in the picture). Taper the end to a sharp point so you can hammer them securely into the ground, then slip the poles into the PVC pipes. These PVC pipes hold the poles very nicely and makes our awning more secure.  The PVC allows us to eliminate the need for leads to hold up the tarp.  This keeps our campsite safer so we aren't tripping on the lead ropes. We also string lights around the top of the awning so we have some lights in the evening.