Camping at Neuseway Park Campground
Kinston, NC

We did a Fall camping adventure in beautiful Neuseway Park Campground.  We were at site 6.  We had a great site right on the water.  Since we were there in the Fall, the air was a little crisp, but the weather overall was great!

CampsiteNeusewaySite6.jpgCampsite 6
NeusewayParkNC.jpgAnother view of site 6

This is a terrific family campground!  They have a nature center and planetarium.  There is a nice sized playground which has a train ride for the kids! The host was fantastic!  He was very helpful and friendly!

PlaygroundChildren's playground at Neuseway Park
PlanetariumEllis Planetarium
TrainTrain at Neuseway Park
Baby alligators at nature centerBaby alligators in Nature Center

While we were there, we visited the nature center.  It had some interesting wildlife, to include some baby alligators.  I asked about them because they are not native to North Carolina.  The worker told me that they get the baby alligators from South Carolina.  When they get too big for the aquarium, they send them to a nature preserve.  I learned that gators purr like cats if you rub the bottom of their throat!  It was fascinating.  I asked them when they feed the gators.  They told me that the next time they feed them, I could feed them if I wanted to.  Nature girl here was all about that!!!  So, Sunday of that weekend, we went back to the visitor center, and they let me feed the baby gators!  It was fun!

Kinston is a cute little town.  Wray has roots there and we drove around to see where he was from and grew up in his early years.   There is a nice park in Kinston called Pearson Park.  We took the bikes and rode around.  It is a neat place for kids.  They have a fun playground with chimes and bongos so the kids can play music.  It also had some interesting sculptures.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Neuseway.  Lots to do and a very fun family park.