Campgrounds By State

This page has helpful information about the wonderful campsites we have been to by state.  Our goal is to travel the USA to experience camping in each state.  Here is where we will describe our experiences with the campground and the surrounding area.

We have had the opportunity to visit different campgrounds in the Southeast.  Some of our favorites are Corps of Engineer campgrounds.  They have great water sites and clean campgrounds. 

We enjoy being in the wooded areas where we can see some interesting critters.  That is one of my favorite things to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.  

Florida is a great winter stop for us.  We usually go around the holidays.  Of course, that is the busiest time to camp in Florida parks!  We usually book our sites at least 6 months in advance.  Many times, they are already full by then. 

One of our camping trips took us to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This is one of our country‚Äôs natural treasures!  The Smoky Mountains are situated in Tennessee.  The view from the area is breath taking!!! We have enjoyed our visit to Tennessee. 

Each state has its own unique experience and we are making it a goal to visit each one!!

High Bridge ParkHigh Bridge Trail State Park, Virginia

Here in the State of Virginia, we have many amazing parks.  We have been to several and enjoy the experience of each one.  Some you can camp in and others do not have camping facilities, but are great to visit!

Same in North Carolina.  Beautiful parks and lots of great activities.