Driving the Prairie at Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Kentucky

signEntrance to Prairie

One of the neatest things that we experienced while camping at Energy Lake in LBL was driving on the prairie.

The Elk and Bison Prairie is a 700-acre enclosed area in LBL where elk and bison can roam free.  You are allowed to drive the road in your car for $5 a carload!  This was so worth it!! They do not allow hiking, bike riding, or motorcycles on the path.  Once we drove the path, we could understand why! 

A herd of bison came along and decided to graze around the road.  When you have a large animal like that on the roadway, you just stop and wait for them to be done!  The bison came so close to the car, that if we had our window open, we could touch them. These are wild animals and very unpredictable!  We just watched them in awe! As you can see from this picture, they were on the road right in the middle of the cars trying to get through!  What a neat experience this was!!!!

bisonBison on road
baby bisonCute baby bison
bird on prairieBird feeding on the prairie near bison

I never realized how large and magnificent these creatures are!  I had never seen one up close and personal like that!  The herd stuck together and had some babies with them.  You certainly don’t want to mess with the babies when Mama bison is around!  We just sat and watched with awe!  The baby bison have reddish fur!  They are adorable!  The fur darkens as they get older!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any elk on this drive.  There were birds around that didn’t seem to be too afraid of the bison!

For this nature girl, it was such an amazing experience!  I highly recommend you visit the Prairie next time you are in the area!