Camping Trip to Titusville, Florida

On a recent camping trip to Florida, we stayed in Manatee Hammock County Park in Titusville, Florida.  This park is in a great location.  It is situated on the water directly across from NASA.  If there was a rocket launch, you would be able to view it from the campground.

The campground itself was quite crowded because it was the winter and during the holiday season when many people hit the road for the long winter break.  We had the last site, #139.  It was neat because you could see the water in the distance from our site.  There are fishing docks at the waterfront and many campers took advantage of the gorgeous weather to get some fishing in.  You can’t swim in that area because of gators.

There is a swimming pool for the campers, a playground area and picnic area.  The roads are great for bike riding.  You can easily ride your bike down to the docks on the waterfront and to the picnic area. 

This campground is a great place for families.  There are many things to explore in the area. One is the Kennedy Space Center, NASA, which is across the water from this campground.  There is a visitor center at NASA that you can explore.  It is a short drive from the campground.  Another beautiful place is Merritt Island, a natural preserve for lots of wildlife.

Overall Manatee Hammock County Park is a great place to visit. There are many things to do and see in the Titusville area.  As with many of the Florida parks, early reservations are encouraged because these parks fill up so quickly.  We booked our site at least 6 months in advance and got one of the last sites available.  It happened to be very nice, we got lucky!

Apollo 11 on launchpad, July 1969.

The Kennedy Space Center has changed over the years. The last time I was there was in July 1969.  I was a kid then and our family went to visit my grandmother who lived in Florida at the time.  It was our first trip to Florida, so we wanted to explore a little bit.  We went to the visitor center at NASA and saw some of the early technology.  In 1969 the Visitor Center was still new.  They had some interesting displays that talked a little about the space program.  The most memorable experience I had then was seeing Apollo 11 on the launch pad a week before the historical moon launch.  Unfortunately, my Dad had to get back to work, so we couldn’t stay the extra week to watch the launch in person.  We joined the rest of the world as the rocket took off from the very spot we saw a couple of weeks earlier.  I am sure those of us that are Boomers can remember when the first man walked on the moon!!