Campgrounds that you may want to visit as you plan your journey 

We have had the  wonderful experience of visiting many beautiful campgrounds throughout the Southeastern United States.  While there are similarities, there are also some amazing differences depending on the location. We know what type of experience we are looking for and what types of sites we are interested in like this one in Lake Kissimmee State Park.  This is where we had a cute little armadillo visit our campsite! Lots of amazing wildlife!  That is what I especially love about camping!

We have watched many YouTube videos that individuals have put out showing sites and activities that are available at specific parks.  This has been one of the biggest methods that has helped us research and determine if we want to visit a specific park. Bottom line some research does help! Look at the website of the park and read the reviews.  These are a couple of ideas to find out about a campground in a state you are planning on visiting.  

As an example, campgrounds in Florida are a very popular destination--especially in the winter months.  There are many state parks, county parks and RV resorts available to visit in Florida, but you must book them at least 6 to 8 months ahead of time!

Other information you may want to know while researching a park is are they open!? Some campgrounds may be seasonal and are closed during the winter months like some of the state parks or they may have storm damage and may not be open at all.  We have encountered this experience forcing us to change our location prospects or time to travel.

We are sharing our experiences here that we have had during our travels hoping that it will help you when you are ready to  make your reservations to stay at the many campgrounds all over the country. Hopefully, this will help make that experience an easy one.  

There are some websites out there that offer campers an opportunity to rate and rank a specific campground depending on what an individual is looking for.  Families with small children would look for different amenities then two Baby Boomers like us would look for! We talk all about those things in our blog as well!

I love to fish!  It isn't the size of the fish, it's the experience! LOL! What can I say! We enjoy being on or near the water.  Most of our parks that we have been to are on or near the water.  We enjoy kayaking and fishing during the warmer months! 

kayak on waterMe in my trusty kayak

Campground Overnight Prices

Prices for overnight stays vary from park to park.  State and county parks, depending on the location, could be more expensive in some areas than others.  We have an America the Beautiful Pass that allows us to get into National Parks and National Forests for free.  If they happen to have campgrounds, we can get a site for half price per night.  You have to show them your America the Beautiful Pass.  Also, all Corps of Engineer (COE) campgrounds are half price per night with that pass.  You have to be 65 years or older to be eligible to purchase the pass. It is worth it because it gives you discounts.  

I mentioned COE parks.  They are beautiful and reasonable in price.  These parks are usually on the water and many have full hookups or at least electric and water.  We love to stay at COE parks.  The picture shows our campsite at Eastbank Corps of Engineer park in Bainbridge, Georgia. It is across the water from the Panhandle of Florida.  We loved it there!